The development of philanthropy in Lithuania gains momentum [2009-12-07]

The development of philanthropy in Lithuania gains momentum

Every day non-governmental organizations encounter the same problem - how to find funding necessary for their activity. Economic hard times, difficulties in receiving funding from national or international foundations and the threat of loosing income from the redistribution of income tax have notably escalated this problem these days.

Seeking to show that non-governmental organizations are not left alone and that the search of funding and regular income are not mission impossible for a dynamic and transparent organization the Civic Responsibility Foundation (CRF) invited the representatives of non-governmental institutions and philanthropy-oriented businesses to share their experience in grant-making, familiarize with new ways of collecting funds and discuss the cooperation possibilities.


Support from alcohol or tobacco businesses: between demand and ethics [2009-09-24]

Social players, the receivers of support from tobacco or alcohol businesses, say that they do not think that potential intentions of “sensitive” businesses to support artistic and educational projects should withhold them from accepting the support. Such support is sometimes considered to be decisive for a project to be implemented or not, and the question of ethics should be answered only for oneself. During discussion about the support from alcohol, tobacco, pharmacy and gambling businesses, which was held on 20 August, the supported, supporters and representatives of related institutions and organizations did not find a unanimous consensus on how such support should be assessed.



"Kiekvieno žmogaus pareiga grąžinti pasauliui mažiausiai tiek, kiek iš jo paėmė." Albertas Einšteinas
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