Our services to individual and corporate donors include:

I. Establishment and administration of named funds

Named fund is a sum of money meant for a certain good action or solution of a problem. Civic Responsibility Foundation recommends the companies and private persons to establish named funds, in the name of which programmes for various non-governmental organizations, regional communities and civic initiatives would be organised. Philanthropic culture is being created and developed, social partnership with NGO sector is being reinforced, as well as corporate social responsibility policy is pursued.

Civic Responsibility Foundation drafts the support programme in accordance with the desired effect. On the basis of such programme closed or open invitations to tender to receive support would be announced. Any Lithuanian NGO is able to take part in such tenders. The winning organization receives support on the basis of the contract of charity and support and runs the project.

II. Additional services provided by us:

  • Drafting of programme documents (description of tender procedures, constitution of commission, selection criteria; application forms, contract forms, report forms, assessment documents).
  • Constitution of the selection commission, organization of meetings.
  • Announcement of tenders and invitation of organizations to claim support.
  • Consultation of applicants (by telephone, e-mail or during events) on participation in tenders.
  • Help in promoting programmes, activities and results thereof.
  • Information to applicants on tender results.
  • Signing contracts with beneficiaries and transfer of funds.
  • Monitoring of project implementation, support application; organization of participation in project activities.
  • Collection of reports on project activities and fund usage.
  • Submission of the final programme report and assessment to the sponsor.
  • Declaration of sponsor’s generosity both through the available channels of Civic Responsibility Foundation and beneficiaries.


"Kiekvieno žmogaus pareiga grąžinti pasauliui mažiausiai tiek, kiek iš jo paėmė." Albertas Einšteinas
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