The charity and support foundation Civic Responsibility Foundation (CRF) is developing the culture of philanthropy in Lithuania, supporting non-governmental organisations and initiatives by citizens. Foundation was established in the end of 2006. We are the first venture philanthropy foundation in Lithuania.

Vision - the society, where civic institutions are professional and strong partners for the state and business sector, and where proactive philanthropic activities are a natural part of public life.

Mission - to enhance the social impact on the public welfare, strengthen the responsibility of business companies, promote philanthropy and support initiatives of the Lithuanian nongovernmental organizations and citizens.

Long-term goal is to create a stable grantmaking foundation and develop charity culture and traditions in Lithuania.

"Kiekvieno žmogaus pareiga grąžinti pasauliui mažiausiai tiek, kiek iš jo paėmė." Albertas Einšteinas
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