• Join the experts of Civic Responsibility Foundation and help the growth of professionalism of the Lithuanian non-governmental organizations.
  • Give your time and contribute to the activity of Civic Responsibility Foundation.
  • Give your financial and material support for the existence of the Foundation, one of the programmes or one of the organizations developed.
  • Submit projects and realize your ideas.



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I can and want to be an expert of Civic Responsibility Foundation:
hours I will consult Civic Responsibility Foundation or organizations it supports for free of charge.
I will allot to Civic Responsibility FoundationLTL.
I would like to use the services of Civic Responsibility Foundation.
I can and want to contribute to the activity of Civic Responsibility Foundation in the way known to me only:
"Kiekvieno žmogaus pareiga grąžinti pasauliui mažiausiai tiek, kiek iš jo paėmė." Albertas Einšteinas
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